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Welcome to Art Of Ground Games, a Finnish brand focused on Jiu-Jitsu. We exist because we wanted to build a BJJ community for grappling enthusiasts with the best facilities, locations, and service. Our goal is to stand out as a premier BJJ academy, where our passionate coaches are dedicated to one core mission: guiding our enthusiasts to improve their Jiu-Jitsu skills.

Art Of Ground Games was founded in 2020 with the idea of bringing BJJ to the center of Helsinki. There were and still are many good clubs and places in Helsinki to practice Jiu-Jitsu, but we wanted to bring the sport specifically to the heart of the city, as there was nothing like it there at that time.

Our first gym has been on Erottaja in Helsinki for almost four years now. The first years were full of strange events, not least because of the coronavirus pandemic, so we learned a lot from these years.

It wasn't until 2022 that we found clarity in this venture, concentrating on tailoring our services to the profile of our enthusiasts. We realized that a significant number of our members were international residents living in the capital region. We designed our services for people of diverse cultural backgrounds, thus appealing to individuals with a global perspective. However, our doors remain wide open for everyone to train with us, whether you're Finnish or hail from any other part of the world.

Last year, 2023, exceeded expectations, especially towards the end of the year when the classes in our packed training schedule were almost without exception full. In light of this, we decided to expand our services to the 00500 area as well.

Now it's 2024, and soon, a new gym will open for us, with the same concept, but larger. Come and be part of this story, welcome!

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20GG | Erottajankatu 11 B 1.Floor, 00130 Helsinki
24GG | Suvilahdenkatu 10 E 3.Floor, 00500 Helsinki
+358 50 45 30101
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