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Two individuals are engaged in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) training. Both are smiling, indicating a friendly and positive training environment. Their body positioning suggests they are in the midst of a sparring or drilling session, displaying techniques characteristic of BJJ. Their attire and any specific background details are not visible from the description provided. The overall mood appears to be light-hearted and collaborative, emphasizing the camaraderie often found in martial arts training


BJJ Academy, AOGG Jiu-jitsu gym is open for 24/7 in the central of Helsinki, Finland. 

Image depicts a bustling BJJ academy in Helsinki's center. Practitioners in gis engage in sparring on tatami mats, with some performing sweeps and submissions. The room has large windows, letting in natural light, and banners showcasing BJJ achievements. The ambiance conveys dedication and camaraderie, characteristic of the martial arts community in Helsinki


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