Master the Basics: Explore Our Fundamentals Class

Our fundamental Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) class is designed for practitioners who have gone through a beginner course with us or elsewhere. The class includes technique drills, concepts, and positional mission-oriented sparring. These classes are essential for new practitioners/white belts and are often the foundation for more advanced training.

Here's what you can expect from a fundamental BJJ class:


Classes usually begin with a warm-up session with movement and mobility exercises or other Jiu-Jitsu related moves. This helps prepare the body for the physical demands of training.

Technique Instruction

The core of a fundamental BJJ class is technique instruction. Instructors will break down fundamental BJJ moves, such as basic positions (guard, mount, side control), escapes, sweeps, and submissions (e.g., armbars, triangles). These techniques are taught step by step, focusing on proper body mechanics and execution.

Positional Sparring

Classes incorporate positional mission-oriented sparring, where students start in a specific position (e.g., the bottom of side control) and work to improve their position or escape. This helps students understand the dynamics of important positions.

Q&A and Clarifications

Instructors often encourage students to ask questions and seek clarification during and after the class. This helps students understand the techniques better and address any doubts or concerns.

What our members say about us

Happy members are one of our top priorities

Easily the best Jiu-Jitsu dojo in Helsinki. The teachers are great and clearly passionate. The beginners course was excellent and not a single person in our group dropped out.

Felix V.


Nice place to train in the center of Helsinki, very friendly and welcoming for foreigners! We came on short notice and they were still super welcoming.

Sophia A.


AOGG is excellent ! Atmosphere is great, everybody is super nice and welcoming. Highly recommend trying it!

Tomi K.


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