Payments with employee benefits

Vann Nikkan
October 6, 2023
2 min

Utilizing employee benefits for payment: Easy Payment

You can now easily pay with employee benefits vouchers, allowing you to give more focus on your health and wellness.  

Use your sports vouchers to pay for our services seamlessly. Simply select us from service providers and we'll ensure the voucher cost is deducted from your payment balance. Just ensure your profile with us is updated. You can sign up here, or you can log in and update your member account here.

We eagerly accept vouchers from the industry's leading benefit providers, including Smartum, Edenred, and ePassi.

1. Using your benefits: Ring the bell by using the Smartum, Edenred, or ePassi apps to make the payment. Just find us, Art Of Ground Games, in the list of service providers, enter your voucher amount, and voila! With your confirmation, we'll receive the payment notification and your training balance will thin its waistline.

2. Securing your receipt:

Don't fret if you think something might have gone awry. Simply request a receipt or voucher from the service provider to ensure your payments are in check.

3. Physical vouchers:

Should digital payment cause any issues, there's still the old-school route. Simply bring your physical voucher notes to the gym well ahead of your training session, making sure your name is legible on each one.

Remember to relish your workout! While exercise vouchers are a great tool for handling membership fees, don't forget that the joy of exercise is its own reward. Celebrate every payment by reveling in the energy, strength, and wellness that follow!

Our payment system ensures a hassle-free experience with exercise vouchers. Don't let the thought of payment procedures deter you. Jump in and join the community today!

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Vann Nikkan
Head Coach

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