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December 7, 2023
2 min

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, more commonly known as BJJ, is a martial art that has gained popularity worldwide. Particularly, leg locks play a significant role in BJJ, and learning them can sometimes feel challenging.

Our aim is to familiarize practitioners with the basics of leg locks as soon as possible. In our training philosophy, it's crucial to explore the game of leg locks already as a white belt. This also includes heel hooks.

When we practice, we focus on acquiring skills disregarding belt ranks. For instance, our beginners don't need to wait until they earn a brown belt in Jiu-Jitsu to start practicing heel hooks.

Thursday's NoGi session on Leg Locks

In BJJ, leg locks are not just about brute force; they demand skill, timing, and strategic moves. This article aims to provide more information about practicing leg locks, particularly during our Thursday training session, which emphasized leg techniques.

Heading our warm-up routine is a walkthrough of 8 different leg positions. The objective is to introduce the practitioner to the most common leg lock positions to enhance their overall understanding. Highlighting the necessity of adequate control to shift the hold towards a finish is simultaneously emphasized. Understanding and mastering the knee line, for instance, helps in control.

On Thursday evening training, we often run through attacks and defenses from one position. We could spend several months focusing on one leg lock position if we wanted to, but we aim to provide a basic understanding of the position, an attack, and a variation, possibly by combining a few different positions within one hour. We recommend a deeper exploration of leg locks during voluntary training at our 24/7 gym and open mats, where techniques can be tested against resisting opponents.

In the future, we will surely organize more regular training on leg locks as well as various seminars on specific positions.

The 8 Different Leg Lock Positions

You can find our referred leg lock positions in the member-exclusive video, here.

• Ashi Garami / Single Leg X

• Outside Ashi

• Half-butterfly Ashi

• 50/50

• Cross Ankle Lock / Leg Drag

• Cross Ashi / Saddle

• Inside Ashi

• Backside 50/50

Continuous Learning and Questioning

In all that we do, but especially regarding leg locks, we understand that learning is an ongoing process. We consistently question our practice and the effectiveness of different grips. For instance, recently we've incorporated the Figure 4 or Shotgun grip into the ankle lock, a technique definitely worth trying if not already tested.

After all, everyone has their own effective technique that has been refined over time and hopefully will continue to be refined further. In our teaching philosophy, we always question what has been learned and are ready to challenge and alter what we have taught.

There are many leg lock specialists worldwide and in Finland, such as Santeri Lilius who operates his own gym in Spain and competes on international platforms, and Ramzan Gazmagomaev who actively seeks leg lock finishes in Finnish competitions and who has occasionally trained with us, despite being in the lower belt ranks.

Join the leg lock games here!

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